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Coronavirus Statement

A message from Louise, one of our owners and directors 6 July 2020

We look forward to welcoming you back to Sandy Mount House

Dear friends of SMH,

I really hope everyone has managed to stay safe, sane and well during this extremely testing period.

Life has changed for us all over the past few months and we, like you, have been doing our best to navigate the new ‘norm’.

We closed our doors in line with the Government directive back in March along with the rest of hospitality to keep our staff and guests safe, but we are itching to reopen this summer.

Over the past few months, we have been working hard to ensure that we CAN re-open, and raising the funding to enable us to do this. As most of you will know, our business was only just over a year old when all of this happened (not even a toddler!) so it hit us very hard.

Also we directors along with Emma, Hef and the team have been busy keeping on top of all of the safety measures we will need to put in place to keep our staff and our guests safe.

Following the Welsh Government’s announcement we will now be opening outside from 12 pm on Wednesday 15th July.

We really can’t wait to welcome you all back and whilst observing our stringent safety measures, aim to create the same fun atmosphere and warm welcome that we have always hoped to deliver.

On behalf of all of our team, I would like to thank you for the messages of support and the patience that you have shown us during this challenging time.

Love and best wishes,

Sandy Mount House Limited


Guidance & Best Practice Assessment

We’re following all government guidelines and working on best practice measures within the hotels. We are completing all necessary risk assessments and certification to validate our policies; all procedures and assessments will be constantly reviewed and updated where necessary in line with government guidelines.

We firmly believe this needs to be a joint effort between our team and our guests, so we urge you to please use maximum common sense to play your part in keeping everyone safe. In return we will be doing the same for you. Importantly, we will not be allowing any of our team members displaying symptoms inside SMH and we would ask you to exercise the same cautionary approach.

Our Team, Suppliers & Partners

We will follow the Government’s Covid-19 secure workplace guidance. On a practical level this means:

  • Hand-washing every 15 minutes at new hand-washing stations
  • Regular back of house cleaning throughout the day
  • Staggered staff breaks and small teams on shift
  • Personal protective equipment (required) for front of house, housekeeping, kitchens and (optional) back of house
  • No team meetings in public areas
  • Reconfigured work spaces

We’re all in this together, which means everyone in all our teams has been briefed, trained and prepared for re-opening and the new levels of health and hygiene we’re working to. We’ll have on-site reminders to keep the team on track and regular team briefings to outline cleaning standards, processes and changes for returning team members.

Our core team members will have completed a COVID-19 Secure for Hospitality e-course.

We will revise the staff handbook to comply with government regulations and go through the revisions with each member of staff.

Beyond our immediate team, we’ve been working with our partners and suppliers to communicate our new processes and approaches. We’ve introduced protocols for deliveries and access and will regularly assess measures in line with government guidance.

Keeping you in the know

We’ll continue to be honest, transparent, and up front with you – updating and sharing information with you as soon as possible.

Here is an outline of the key measures we will have put in place throughout your time with us.

Booking Experience and Prior to your Arrival

  • We’ll call you  and talk you through the new measures and answer any questions before you arrive
  • We will follow this call up with an email reminding you of our hygiene measures along with details of how you can get in touch with us during your stay. We will also ask for your check-in time so we can minimise arrivals during peak periods
  • We’re trying to create a cashless environment as far as we are able, so we’ll deal with credit card pre-authorisations and take payment all at time of booking, secured with our flexible cancellation terms

Check-In and Out Experience

  • Discreet digital check-in without the need to fill in a registration card
  • Keys to be sanitised prior to issue
  • Express checkout encouraged with contactless payment available
  • Hand sanitiser is available in all main hotel areas and enhanced public area sanitising is in place
  • Visual guides and directional signage to help you maintain social distancing
  • All our employees will wear the necessary personal protective equipment at all times relevant to their task and in line with UK Hospitality guidelines

Public Areas

  • Where possible we will segregate corridors with barriers and one-way systems
  • Robust and heightened cleaning procedure in place for all public areas, particularly around peak times and there will be sanitising stations available in key areas throughout the hotel
  • All our employees will wear the necessary personal protective equipment at all times relevant to their task and in line with UK Hospitality guidelines
  • Regular deep cleaning and sanitising public area toilets
  • Regular sanitising all public areas using Electrostatic Spraying
  • Back of house areas will have the same levels of cleaning and sanitising as our public areas


  • Hugely enhanced bedroom cleaning focusing on sanitisation with Electrostatic Spraying & steam cleaning soft furnishings.
  • We have reduced the number of rooms per housekeeper, to ensure each room is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected
  • To minimise contact, rooms will not be cleaned during the guests’ stay
  • The option to service the guests bedroom is available
  • We will be encouraging guests to bring their own hand sanitiser and face masks
  • All advertising collateral has been removed from our bedrooms
  • All display cushions and throws have been removed
  • Welcome letter from hotel General Manager, (in a sanitised frame naturally), with key information and a link to a handy website with all the relevant details.
  • We will encourage guests to use the reception area as little as possible and for them to use the phones in their bedroom if they need anything

Food & Drink

  • Method in place to order food & beverage digitally hence reducing unnecessary interaction
  • Controlled numbers in our dining areas to adhere to social distancing guidelines and to reduce service activity
  • Option of in room dining available, delivered to your door
  • All condiments are now either in sachets or one use ramakins
  • Disposable menus used
  • No bar service in operation. All food & beverage served directly to the table.
  • Enhanced kitchen cleaning measures and social distancing in our kitchen
  • External produce delivery and social distancing is managed with best practice to ensure guest and team safety
  • Each table will be asked to provide contact details so that if there is an outbreak in SMH or from someone who has been to SMH then we can get in contact with each guest. We will also be using an App called PubTrak if guests have smart phones. This collects data confidentially (it is not even given to us) and is destroyed after 21 days.


We are adhering to Government guidelines and restrictions relating to capacity, and while physical distancing is required our restaurants will be operating with a reduced number of tables, so availability will be limited.

We are following Government guidelines on household get-togethers, and we ask and trust that our guests will also adhere to these guidelines. We are taking table bookings for a max of up to 8 people, but this can only be made up of 2 households.

Due to the constantly changing nature of this guidance, we will be continuously reviewing our procedures related to capacity.


As a hotel and restaurant, we already operate with strict cleaning and health and safety measures, but we are now taking extra steps to ensure that all areas are thoroughly sanitised, clean and compliant.

  • All team members are trained in these new standards and timings of cleaning.
  • Check In will now be at 4pm, rather than 3pm, to allow for more time to clean guest bedrooms.
  • We are providing hand sanitiser for staff and guests at every possible opportunity.

Physical Distancing

Maintaining a physical distance from others is absolutely essential to stop the spread of the virus, but we believe it does not mean we can’t be sociable! We prefer the term physical distancing, so that it doesn’t feel like you can’t enjoy interacting with the team.

We’ll always adapt our service style to adhere to Government guidelines, and have adjusted table layouts in our restaurants and bar to allow for the required distancing policy.

Checking In and Out

We’re working on adapting the Arrival, Check In and Check Out process to speed this up, to support physical distancing and to ensure the safety of all guests and team members. Guests will be contacted with details of exact procedures in advance of their stay.

The Restaurant

In a restaurant it is virtually impossible to remove every risk. Therefore, our policy is to mitigate the risk through best practice and risk assessment. We’ll take all necessary measures to deliver minimum contact, ensure hygiene standards and physical distancing.

  • We’ll ask our guests to pre-book their breakfast time on arrival.
  • Lunch and dinner reservations for hotel guests will be staggered to support physical distancing.
  • A sample menu will be available on the website and the day’s menu will be available for guests to peruse in their rooms.
  • Tables will be positioned the required distance apart in all our restaurants, in line with the latest government guidelines.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available in every area of the restaurant.
  • You will notice a number of other small changes have been put in place to maintain hygiene standards.
  • Please read ‘Capacity’ above for information on group bookings.

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